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2013 Proposed Build Projects

Our proposed projects for 2013.

Also see the Scouting Trip Photos showing each project in more detail.

(1) Expansion of San Francisco Real Chapel

There are approximately 1,400 families in this area of San Francisco Real Chapel, and approx. 100-120 families worship regularly at this chapel each Sunday. There is insufficient room for them inside, so they often have to crowd outside in the heat, rain or cold. There are ~ 116 children preparing for first communion, and a strong youth group of about 15. On Wednesday, they have a charismatic assembly, Holy Hour on Thursday, mass on Saturday, and RCIA on Sunday. During the week, the chapel is used for youth group, liturgy and music practice and special community events. This building was here for 5 years. Previously, they had 1 small building which served as a chapel and is now used for catechism. They have an additional structure containing 6 small classrooms for faith formation classes.

The existing chapel is 35’ wide by 50’ long. We will be adding 34 ft to the 50 ft length, going to the east. So final chapel dimensions will be 35’ wide by 84’ long. This means that the existing caretaker house has to be moved (e.g. up above toward the old chapel/current catechism location). This work will be done by the locals prior to our arrival, so that the slab can be laid. We also discussed the potential for building an additional 12’x24’ structure which will be used for kitchen & concession sales. This would stand next to an existing 12’x12’ bathroom structure.

(2) Home for Mireya Juarez Angeles / Jose Angel Medina (+ 3 daughters, Karla( 10 yr), Nidia( 8yr) and Tania (3 years).

Mireya cannot walk and doesn’t see well following surgery to remove a brain tumor mid 2012. Although she is in remission, her left side is very weak and partially paralyzed. Her daughters take care of her while the father Jose Angel works in a local factory 6 days a week. An aunt helps a little with meals and house-cleaning. Mireya’s greatest wish is to provide safety and security for her children.  The current house is made of garage doors with a very bad roof that leaks in all the rooms.

They have ownership of the land. Their lot is 29’ x 50’ on flat, firm ground, with a septic tank, illegal electricity and no drainage. We will build our standard 16’x32’ foot house on a 24’x32 slab, plus it will have a small piece of slab from the front door going around to the cement patio on the side of the house (for washer, etc)  and a ramp at the front door for easy wheelchair access.   Handicap accommodations for the bathroom will also be needed. This home is near Terraces I location next to the open area.

(3) Roof for Marta Patricia Ibanez / Jorge Castro Quntanilla Terraces (+6 kids)

The family has been on their plot for 8 years, but they do not own the land. In fact, their property stands on a government access road to a future development/housing complex that the government will be building. Therefore, it is possible that as soon as that development starts, their house will be demolished. So we cannot build a full house for them. The floor in this house is new (paid for by the government),  but their roof is in very bad shape and leaking. There are no public services (plumbing or electricity).  Although there is a vacant plot nearby which they could purchase, they do fear that they may not be able to make the monthly payments (they earn 1,200 pesos per month), so they will not purchase it. So for now, we have agreed that we are building them a roof which is like a carport structure over the existing home. The roof structure will be 24’x22’ plus 9 beams.

(4) Home for EITHER of these two families. This project has not been decided yet.

Guadalupe Salivar (Lupita):  this is a family of 6 living in two small rooms in bad shape. However, they do not own their land. Lupita’s husband makes  800 pesos/month. Ideally, they wish to buy the plot of land nearby and have us build on it. Total price of the land (8 x 20 meters) is ~ 130,000 pesos ($10,000). They do not have the down payment.  San Eugenio Parish is considering a way to help them with the down payment.  They also need to determine whether the family can make the mortgage payments long term.  

Budget figures obtained.

The down payment is ~ 10,000 pesos ($1,000). Property taxes = 390 pesos ($30) per year, if you already own it. If you are still making payments, the property taxes are higher. Utility fees are usually ~ 2,600 pesos ($200) dollars to install water meter, then pay 64 pesos ($5) monthly (for both water and sewer). Power costs 1,500 pesos ($115) to hookup, then 100 pesos ($8) monthly. Usual rent prices are approximately 800 – 1,500 pesos ($61-$115) monthly, excluding utilities. When buyers make a down payment on a house, they receive the bill of sale. Once it is all paid off, they receive the deed (carta).

House at 9129 Durazno Oeste owned by a woman (Adelaida Saldana Estrada) taking care of two adults with mental disabilities (her son and her sister).

The problem here is that we spoke only to the elder sister with mental disabilities and did not speak to the owner, because she was away at work. She has been on the parish build list already for a few years, and other groups have looked at the lot but decided that they cannot build. We have also stopped by this property during our 2012 scouting trip but back then we could not enter the home due to security reasons. However, we saw their house this year and it is a good flat piece of land with easy access. One existing structure toward the left-front of the property is made of brick and could be left standing, while other structures on the property are in bad shape with leaks and we would tear them down to build our standard 16’ x 32’ home toward the back of the lot. We would also need to remove the front cement ‘overhang’ for safety and to move the electrical wire that runs through the bathroom.  The family have lived and owned the land for 15 yrs. They came from Guadalajara to Tijuana for work.  The Owner is Adelaida Saldana Estrada (~ 60 yrs old).   She works in a factory earning approxiately 700 pesos per week.  Her son is Gabriel Saldana Estrada (~ 24 yrs old),  who works as a cleaner, earning approximately 500 pesos/week.  The Sister isMaria de la Paz Saldana (approx.. late 30s) and she is unable to work.

(5) Shade structure in Terraces II.   This is a potential project and has yet to be finalized. 

We have been using Terraces II as our home site area for the past 9 years.  We run the Mothers’ and Children’s Programs here in July when it is very hot outside. There is currently no shade structure here, so we usually bring our own shade pop-ups which are heavy and cumbersome to bring down, put up and take down. Chris, Jesse and the build leads want to explore building a more permanent shade system/structure, which would consist of cemented beams  and wires surrounding the outside patio area. Tarps or shade covering could then be attached to this structure in the spring/summer-time but removed in fall/winter due to wind and rain conditions.  See the compound from the top in 360 degrees:  We need to assure the community agrees with the build concept for this project, hence it has not yet been finalized.