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2013 Tijuana Ministry Podcast

Welcome to the 2013 Tijuana Ministry Podcast.  

At the bottom of this page, you'll find a number of short audio podcasts about the Tijuana Ministry and our 2013 trip to Mexico.  Over 80 volunteers participated, including parishioners from St Julie Billiart Catholic Church in San Jose, St. Simons in Los Altos, the Church of the Resurrection in Sunnyvale, Queen of Apostles in San Jose, the San Jose Chinese Catholic Mission, St. Laurence the Martyr in Santa Clara, St Nicholas Catholic Church in Los Altos and St James' Church in Davis, California.  

Please take some time to listen to these and learn more about our ministry.  The instructions below will explain how to play them on your phone, your computer or any other MP3-capable device.   

How to Listen to These Podcasts on your Computer

To listen to a podcast, just scroll down to the podcast descriptions at the bottom of this page, and click on the link at the end of each one. (It will say something like "Click here for Podcast #1).  The audio program will play automatically (make sure your speakers are turned on).  Your  browser may display a blank screen during the playback; just use the "back" button to return to this screen when you're done.   

Downloading Podcasts to your Computer or Phone

To download a podcast to your computer, follow these steps:

  1. Right click on the podcast link at the end of the description.  A menu will pop up.  
  2. In the menu, click on the the words "Save Link As".  A box will appear.  
  3. On the left side of the box you'll see a list of folders.  Choose the one where you want to store the podcast.  (By default, it will be stored in "downloads").  
  4. Click on the "save" button at the bottom of the box, and the file will be downloaded to the folder you selected.  

Once it's on your computer, you can copy it to a mobile device using the instructions provided with your phone or MP3 player. 


If you enjoy these podcasts, please consider subscribing using iTunes from Apple.  Never subscribed to a podcast before?  It's easy!  Here's how it's done...  

  1. Download the iTunes player from the Apple website and install it on your computer. (It's a free download).
  2. In your browser, right click on this link: (Podcast Feed).  A menu will pop up.  Select "Copy Link Address" from the menu. 
  3. Run the iTunes player on your computer.  In the iTunes file menu (press ALT-F), click on "Subscribe to Podcast".  
  4. A window will pop up.  Paste the address of the TJ Podcast feed into this box by pressing <CTRL-V>.  (Or you can type this address into the box:  Press enter.  
  5. In the iTunes player, the "Tijuana Ministry Podcast" will now be displayed in the list of podcasts to which you are subscribed.  



The Podcasts

Below is a list of the podcasts that we have published so far.  If you have subscribed, you will see all of these on the podcast page in iTunes.  When we publish new podcasts, iTunes will automatically download them to your computer.  Or you can listen to them now by clicking on the links at the end of each description.  

Podcast #1 - Martin Thurmann's Reflection

In July of 2013, the Tijuana Ministry sent a team of 80 volunteers to Mexico.  Upon our return, several of these people were invited to share their experiences at the Sunday mass.  In this podcast, you'll hear from Martin Thurman, who took his wife and daughter with him on the trip.  Click here for Podcast #1 - Martin Thurmann's Reflection

Podcast #2 - Joanna Thurmann's Reflection

In this podcast, we will hear from Joanna Thurmann, who has made seven trips to Tijuana with the ministry.  She explains that there is much more to the Tijuana Ministry than simply building houses.  She gives examples of how we are building relationships with the people of Tijuana.  Click here for Podcast #2 - Joanna Thurmann's Reflection

Podcast #3 - Paulina Thurmann's Reflection

Martin and Joanna Thurmann were accompanied to Tijuana by their 13 year old daughter Paulina.  In this podcast, Paulina shares her own perspective on why she decided to make the journey, and what her expectations were..  Click here for Podcast #3 - Paulina Thurmann's Reflection

Podcast #4 - Jesse Perez's Reflection

Jesse Perez is a member of the construction team that expanded the chapel of St. Francis during our 2013 trip.  He explains what that meant to him.   Click here for Podcast #4 - Jesse Perez's Reflection

Podcast #5 - Patricia Avila's Reflection

Construction is not the only thing that the ministry does in Tijuana.  We also run outreach programs specifically tailored to the needs of the mothers, children and teens of this poverty stricken community.  In this podcast, we'll hear from Patricia Avila, who will give us some details about what goes on in these programs.  Click here for Podcast #5 - Patrica Avila's Reflection

Podcast #6 - Larry Cargnoni's Reflection

People who have visited Tijuana with the ministry have been profoundly touched in their hearts by what they have seen and learned.  The first time Larry Cargnoni traveled to Tijuana, he thought he was going to help build a house – which he did.  But that was just the beginning, as you will hear in today's podcast.  Click here for Podcast #6 - Larry Cargnoni's Reflection