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How do we get to Tijuana?

Volunteers travel by car to Tijuana, leaving early in the morning, and arriving late afternoon / early evening in our destination in Tijuana. Cars leave at the same time, around 6am.. We have suggested stops along the way for breakfast and lunch. Then we first meet in San Diego iat the Home Depot on 950 Dennery Road near the I-805-CA 905 intersection near the US/Mexico border, and all vehicles caravan together across the border to our destination, which is around 10 miles south of the crossing.

If you have a vehicle and are willing to drive, please indicate this on your volunteer application.  We always need drivers!  We will provide Mexican car insurance coverage. . Once in Tijuana, we do not need all vehicles to commute to/from sites and work areas, although we need some (usually trucks) to transport workers to the build sites and program areas for mother's/children's programs. Please see Driver Information form on the site and Directions to Terrazzas II in Tijuana.