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Job Description: Communications/Marketing Lead


  • Maintain TJ social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  • Email Communications: monitor email account and respond to emails
  • Maintain TJ contact lists
  • Maintain TJ Calendar and sends meeting notices/reminders
  • Maintain Application Forms
  • Prepare/maintain all marketing collateral (brochures, monthly newsletter, etc)
  • Attend all TJ CORE Mtgs, take meeting minutes, and send them out. Follows up on action item


The relevant documentation is attached to the bottom of this page.

TaskDetailCommitment (hrs/week or month)

Maintain Social Media





The main one is Facebook and posts to it will automatically show up on Twitter. This is really just trying to keep it interesting for people. We post meeting reminders, interesting news, links to newsletters, photos from various events, etc.

Average of 20  minutes per week to update FB. However, during the actual trip, it takes <= 1h/day to upload a daily update and photos from the trip.

YouTube takes a while to upload videos, of course.

Email Communications



There are 4 people who have regular access to the tjmissions account (Monica, Bob, Joan, Joanna/communications person). This requires anwering emails, sending out regular updates (especially during the Jan-July timeframe), mailing newsletters, etc. Basically, this person should check and respond to communications.1-2 hr/week

Maintain TJ Contact Lists


There are several contact lists in the gmail account used for regular communications and as invitees to meetings. For example:

  • ALL_TIJUANA: every contact; all of our supporters, past travelers, and interested people
  • ALL_CORE: all members of TJ CORE
  • ALL_CONSTR: all construction team members
  • ALL_2015: all 2015 travelers
  • ALL_TEEN_2015: just youth travelers in 2015

These should be regularly maintained. Also, once the new traveler selections are made for the new year (and travelers make their indications of program interest, etc), then new groups need to be created and maintained.

 <= 1 hr/week

Maintain Calendar


All meetings (CORE, construction, children's programs, prebuilds, traveler orientations, fundraiser events, etc) should be added to the main calendar at account and the correct set of invitees should be added (from the Contact lists in that email account)<= 1 hr/week
Maintain Application FormsThis includes collating, updating, posting the application forms (medical release forms, requirements, fingerprint forms, etc) for the next travel year10-12 hrs to prepare the forms for the next trip year
Prepare/maintain marketing collateral

This includes writing, prepartion, translation, sending & posting of TJ brochures, newletters, and other such collateral. For Spanish translation, contact John and Laura Bosco (get contact info from Joanna or Monica)

Varies. ~ 4 hrs/month
CORE meetingsAttend all TJ CORE meetings, take meeting minutes, get them verified/edited, send them out, follow-up on action items as neededThere is at least 1 CORE meeting monthly during the off-peak times (hence 4-5 hrs/month), and twice/month during the peak months March-July. So 8-10 hrs/month)