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Job Description: Teen Chaperone


The role of Teen Chaperone for the Tijuana Ministry should be fulfilled by two individuals, one male and one female. There may be Youth Chaperone Assistant(s)

Before the Trip:

  • Oversees all pre-trip youth-related activities
  • Organizes and runs 2 Youth Orientation Meeting(s)
  • Organizes and runs Youth Solidarity Event(s)
  • Organizes and runs Youth Fundraising events
  • Works with rest of Tijuana CORE Leadership Team in applications, acceptances and registration requirements for Youth travelers
  • Maintains Youth-related documents: e.g. Youth Discipline Policy, Youth Orientation presentation, etc
  • Makes sure all Youth have met "Shield the Vulnerable" requirement and arranges for Diocesan training, if needed

During the Trip:

  • Responsible for all youth travelers for the duration of the trip
  • Facilitates youth reflection eveings during the trip (arranges for chapel at San Enrique to be opened prior to each reflection and to be closed afterwards)
  • Check-ins with youth during the trip, answers questions/concerns
  • Makes sure youth comply with all travel, construction safety rules & regulations, bedtimes, appropriate behavior, dress, etc.
  • Rounds up the youth at curfew time


The relevant documentation (for trip year 2015 is attached to the bottom of this page)

Pre-Trip Checklist

The following checklist should be consulted in preparation for the role of Teen Chaperone during each Tijuana Ministry trip year.

ItemDescription, LocationCommentStatus
Designate Youth ChaperonesThere needs to be one Male and one Female designated chaperone for each year. This person is a member of the TJ CORE Leadership team and interacts with the rest of team during the Application/Registration process. Once done, these people need to be listed on the page: 2015 Tijuana Ministry Leadership Team Dave Lipscomb, Joanna Thurmann and Beth Matus have been identified for 2015 
Youth Guidelines and Discipline Policy document

This document needs to be reviewed and updated for each year.

Tijuana Ministry - Youth Guidelines and Disciple Policy 2014.docx

Once done, the document needs to be uploaded, linked to the Apply page that contains all the other registration requirements.

Needs to be updated for 2015 and any other changes 
Youth Orientation document

This document needs to be reviewed and updated for each year:

Tijuana Ministry - Youth Orientation 2014.pptx

Once done, the document needs to be uploaded/linked on the page: 2015 Trip Orientation

Needs to be updated for 2015 and any other changes 
Youth ApplicationsWork with TJ CORE team to review Youth Applications between March 8 and March 22 and provide input into acceptances.  Identify youth with no parent chaperone and who will be their delegated chaperone 25 years or older.  
Youth RegistrationsMake list of all Youth acceptances, created d-list in account for future communications. Identify prior and brand new travelers. Identify any special needs. Work with youth to make sure their registration paperwork is being completed.  
Youth Orientation Sessions

Schedule and attend 2 Youth Orientations: These should be after the acceptances go out on 3/22, hence early April time-frame, but well before mid-May when the kids themselves and all other TJ activities get real busy. One at St Simon Parish and one at St Julie's. 

Those meetings need to be listed on the Apply page and added to calendar so that they show up on the website calendar page


Option #1: 4/16, 7-8:30pm @ St Julie

Option #2: 4/20, 7-8:30pm @ St Simon

LIVE Shield The Vulnerable Requirements

All youth need to take Live Shield-the-Vulnerable training, either at their Catholic school or at another scheduled session, per the calendar listed on the Diocesan website:

We may need to schedule a special session just for TJ Youth. This is TBD. If so, then contact: Katy Meister <>, Safe Environment Coordinator at the Diocese of San Jose, cell 209.201.7685

Those meetings need to be listed on the Apply page and added to calendar so that they show up on the website calendar page

2/4/15: Joanna sent an email to Katy Meister to start the conversation.

2/13/15: No response. Joanna sent follow-up

2/19/1: Joanna called Linda Tully who said Katy is still in charge and provided cell phone number. Also gave me website page listing the dates. March/April dates will be posted in a week or two.

Youth Reflection Preparation
  • At the Youth Orientation sessions, identify prospective Youth Leaders
  • schedule a sessio to meet, greet and designate reflection nights
  • periodically check in via online, skype, in-person to facilitate their work on the reflections
Fundraising, engagement
  • Drum up interest and commitment to engage in the trip PRIOR to going. E.g. help at fundraisers, attending pre-build days, doing personal fundraising,
  • Optional...start sending a new TJ Youth Newsletter every 2-3 weeks
Immersion PreparednessSchedule a "pre-immersion" event for the youth, e.g. discussion, movie night or solidarity dinner.

Scheduled: 6/5, 7-9pm, TJ Youth Solidarity Night @ St Julie