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Job Description: Webmaster


  • Maintain TJ website
  • Maintain TJ Registration database


The relevant documentation is attached to the bottom of this page.

TaskDetailCommitment (hrs/week or month)

Maintain Website


Platform: cloud-based Drupal Gardens hosting site

Cost: $149/year for the Professional plan (see pricing)

The website contains TONS of information; everything from trip information (FAQs, requirements, brochures, photos, etc), to CORE documentation (meeting minutes, newsletters, supporting docs). Nothing is deleted. It is merely removed from navigational menus.40-60 hrs to prepare the website from one trip year to the next. This includes menu and configu changes, etc. After that, it takes 1-2 hrs/ week to add/update certain pages as they come up.

Maintain Registration database


Platform: cloud-based Atlasian JIRA site

Cost: $10/month for a 10-user license.

The JIRA application contains a user front-end (called an "issue collector") which allows travelers to register for the trip. The back-end is an application/database that stores the traveler personal information and all the things we need to know about them for the trip. It has great search and metrics/reports capability. It can be used not just for registrations but for many other uses in the future. It has a great UI front-end for drag-drop selection, and assignments.

See the TJ Registration Training document below.

30-40 hrs to setup registration for a new trip year (prior to January of each year). This includes setting up/testing the user front-end, then setting up the searches, metrics, reports to get the information from the back-end.

After that, it takes about ~2 hrs/week from Jan-July (to extract metrics and mail to people, to configure new searches, update traveler info, etc)