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Tijuana 2010 Families


House #1: God the Father

Bertha Gonzales is a single mom with 4 children at home: 5-yr old Madai, Manuel 9-yrs, Naomi 13-yrs and Vanessa 16-yrs.  She also has a grown daughter Bertha who is married to Sergio and lives down the street (see below). She sells items at the local markets. She needed a septic tank, so she dug the chest high pit herself and then wired the house for electricity. She had no room for a kitchen in the house and had an outdoor kitchen under a plastic tarp.  She is struggling to find the money for Vanessa, her oldest, to go to school. She currently can only afford to send the three younger children to school.

House #2: God the Son

Sergio and Bertha Hernandez have been married for 3 years and were given a plot of land as a wedding present, but haven't been able to afford to build on it. Bertha is the daughter of Bertha Gonzales, our first family.  They are raising 3 children, Sergio 8-yrs, Valentin 4-yrs and Evelyn 2-yrs. Their rental house had 18 inches of mud built around it that slides down from the nearby hill during the rainy season. They frequently had to dig out the front door to get in. They sell seasonal fruit in the local street markets.


House #3: The Holy Spirit

Lavida Padilla is a widowed mom with 3 children, who has breast cancer. She is working to raise her youngest son Andreas 16-years old and 2 small nephews as well, Angel 7-yrs and Omar 4-yrs while she undergoes treatment. Andreas is very helpful to her and he also helps at church. Andreas is in school, but the younger nephews are not. She and her family had been living in a one room little house and a small abandoned camper shell with no bathroom and an outdoor kitchen.