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Tijuana Families for Whom We Built In The Past


House 1

House 2

House 3


Yolanda (mom)

Leonel (dad)

 Eduardo (~11)

Luys (~8)

Jesus (~3)




(dad) Moises Zamarripa
(mom) Irene Huerta Maldonado
(boy) Moises Jr – 15 yrs (2nd yr high school)
(girl) Gabriela –14 yrs  (1st yr of high school)
(boy) Jose Luis...12 yrs (middle school)
(girl) Guadalupe...5 yrs old...will begin school

(dad) Jose Tereso Gomez  Martinez
(mom) Alejandrina Villa Gonzalez
(girl) Alejandra ...13 yrs
(boy) Jose Oscar...12 yrs
(boy) Cristian  Manuel...8 yrs
(girl) Sandra Paola...2 yrs



(widow grandma) Socorro Jimenez Ramirez

(adult son) Francisco Javier Hdez Jimenez

(daughter-in-law) Julia Catalina Hdez Jimenez

(girl) Mariana Lisbeth Delgado Hdez (2 years)

(mom) Mercedes Ortiz Robles
(dad) Jose
(boy) Jose Ismael Gonzales Ortiz (16 years)
(boy) Anahi Gonzales Ortiz (10 years)
(girl) Margarita Gonzales Ortiz (5 years)
(boy) Miguel Angel Gonzales Ortiz (4 years



Casa #1 -- ”The Father”

Betty Gonzales - single mom with 4 children

·         Maria, age 5

·         Manual, age 9

·         Naomi, age 13

·         Vanessa, age 16

Betty sells items at the local markets. She needed a septic tank, so she dug the chest high pit herself and then wired the house for electricity. She has no room for a kitchen in the house so has an outdoor kitchen under a plastic tarp. She is struggling to find the money for her 16-yr old to go to school. She can only afford to send the 3 younger ones to school.

Casa #2 -- ”The Son”

Saavedra Lara and Bertha Hernandez family have been married for 3 years and were given a plot of land as a wedding present, but haven't been able to afford to build on it. They are raising 3 children:

·         Sergio, age 8

·         Valentin, age 4

·         Evelyn, age 2

Their rental house has 18 inches of mud built around it that slides down from the nearby hill during the rainy season. They had to dig out the front door to get in. They sell seasonal fruit in the local street markets.

Casa #3 -- ”The Holy Spirit”

Lavida Padilla family is a widowed mom with 3 children, who has breast cancer. She is working to raise her kids while she undergoes treatment.:

·         Andreas, age 16, her youngest son

·         Angel, age 7, nephew

·         Omar, age 4, nephew

Andreas is very helpful to her and he also helps at church. Andreas is in school, but the younger nephews are not. She lives in a one room little house and a small abandoned camper shell. She has managed to purchase some cement blocks to help with the retaining wall that she needs before we can build.


Casa #1 -- ”Baltazar” (high)

Edelmira Ceja and Martin Jimenez Family

  • Nancy-22 yrs going to school to be an architect
  • Yamili-20 yrs. Going to school in communications
  • Martin-17 yrs going to school in Business administration
  • Kayli-2 yrs ( mom is Nancy)

Casa #2 -- ”Gaspar” (middle)

Elodia Calderon and Javier Ramirez Family

  • Javier Ramierez -13 yrs
  • Gustavo Ramierez-10 yrs
  • Berenice Ciprion-16 yrs
  • Gema Ciprion- 13 yrs
  • Emanuel Ciprion- 12 yrs


Casa #3 -- ”Melchior”  (lower)

Melida Gomez Perez- cleans offices

  • Augustina-daughter-20 yrs (temp moved out due to dampness making her ill)
  • Lia Roxana-granddaughter-2yrs
  • Emiland-nephew-23 yrs
  • Rangel Mendoza-nephew-23 yrs

Has son Jose Angel 26 (not  living with her) has wife and daughter Sara-3yrs


Casa de Jose

  • Julio Cesar
  • Yaritza Cruz
  • Yuliana - 3 years

Dad “Julio Cesar” works as a repairman in a machine shop, earning ~ $75/week.   Mom “Yaritza Cruz” lost her leg due to complications with cancer.  She now wears a prosthetic leg and is unable to hold a job.  She is challenged by needing to carry water from the outside faucet into the house for cooking and cleaning.  They have a 3-year-old daughter named Yuliana. Their current home has lots of mold, especially in the bedroom, and countless leaks, which they trap with buckets and makeshift tubes, so it doesn’t flood their furniture and belongings. They first came to Tijuana looking for work. Their wish is to have a safer house for their daughter.

Casa de Maria:

  • Leticia Ruiz Morales
  • Letitia - 10 years
  • Kevin - 8 years

Leticia Ruiz Morales is a single mother who works in a restaurant, earning ~ $60/week. She has two children; 10-year-old daughter in 6th grade also named Leticia and 8-year-old son Kevin in 4th grade. To make ends meet, they are renting a small provisional room at one end of their property to a nephew, Pablo. The site needs a retaining wall and fill dirt to reroute the rain water away from the house and into the street. The house has an uneven pitted cement floor that is impossible to keep clean. It has lots of mold and severe roof problems, with gaping holes that let in the wind and rain. Their current toilet is outside and in bad condition, with no shower. The family is originally from Sinaloa and came to Tijuana to find work. Leticia dreams of a new home “so the kids have a warm and secure place to live.”

Escuela de Jesus Project: Semillas de Dios,“Seeds of God”:  In Tijuana, children with special needs lack access to schools and programs to assist in their development.  They are an under-served population.   The local parish of San Eugenio received a papal grant to begin building a school for children with disabilities. The school is called “Semillas de Dios” (seeds of God). The grant only covers a portion of the total funds required to complete the project, and the school currently stands unfinished and unusable. The parish hopes to continue to build piece by piece with the help of external partners and donations. During our 2012 trip, the Tijuana Ministry will continue working on the site, finishing electrical work and other items to be able to start using a portion of the facilities.