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What about safety?

It is very hot and we are in construction areas, so safety is very important. 

We have safety checks for all construction workers before or at the start of the trip to assure they know how to correctly use the tools and have safety persons checking that rules are followed,

With respect to medical safety, please note that no special vaccines or immunizations are required. Tetnus shot, Hepatitis A vaccine and measles shots are recommended but not required. Please check with your doctor for special concerns. We stress rest and hydration breaks and have first aid persons at all sight. 

With respect to personal safety, sadly, the media exaggeratingly portrays Mexico as a nation torn apart due to drug violence. Admittedly, there have been incidents of violence in Tijuana. But the area that we work and stay in is relatively safe. The violence primarily happens in the tourist and urban areas, while we stay in the suburbs, away from the metropolitan area. To ensure safety, everyone stays together as a group and the compound that we stay in is enclosed and guarded. 


For more information, see the document that further addresses "Safety in Tijuana".