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What is the cost?

The cost  to go to Tijuana is in two parts. The travel fee is $400 to cover the cost of travel for the week which includesfood, lodging, Mexican car insurance coverage, security, and other miscellaneous trip costs for one individual. We asked each traveler to help raise and/or pay an additional $500 for the construction and program costs.   

We therefore ask participants to assist/ participate in group fundraisers such as the annual Resurrection Bake Sale and the Cristo Rey Garage sale.   As well  you can raise personal funds from sources such as family, friends and co-workers outside the parish community.
 We also have a fundraising website to hep you at Go and set up your fundraising account.  See How_To_Set_Up_Crowdrise_Acct. Church of the Resurrection and St Simon have a goal of $10,000 in their fundraisers.  We never want funds to be a reason a person can’t go and ask all to help meet our budget so we can help others who can’t. 
Of course, you can just donate the $500 per person directly.  Although fees are not tax deductible, this additional portion is a donation and is deductible for you or for someone who donates for you and the program. Please use the PayPal link below to do this.

Fulfill Fundraising Goal per Participant
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Tijuana Ministry is not funded by the church. All donations are raised by ministry participants, either through personal fundraising or as part of organized fundraising events. You can find sample fundraising letters here. Don't forget to check if your company matches donations to maximize on your gift.