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Where we stay

While in Tijuana, we work and stay in buildings that are part of a compound attached to one of the local churches, the San Enrique Chapel.  This is where we sleep, eat, and run our mothers and children’s programs.

The compound is set on a hill, with a domed building that we use as a dormitory at the bottom, a dining hall with a kitchen half way up, and the church building at the top.

See the compound from the top in 360 degrees:


Sleeping Arrangement

The building we sleep in is a large 2 story domed building. The domed section has one large room downstairs for the men, and one large room upstairs for the women. There are 4 bathrooms with showers on each floor. As there are no beds, you must bring something to sleep in or on. The upstairs has some foam pads and the downstairs has chairs that the men push together to make beds. So sleeping bags, blankets and/or an air mattress will make your stay comfortable.

            Ladies Dorm Upstairs


           Men's Dorm Downstairs





Dining area and the rest of the compound

The chapel compound also has a building with a kitchen and dining area which we use for breakfast and dinner, as well as for running our mother's and children’s programs in and around the building.


  Dining and Activity Room

     Large Kitchen



                     Children's Program


Mother's Program


San Enrique Chapel

We celebrate mass with the local community.