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Youth Shield-the-Vulnerable Live Training

Attention youth under 18 traveling to Tijuana this year:

You need to attend a live, in-person training session on Shield The Vulnerable from the Diocese of San Jose as part of your registration requirements. If you attend Catholic school (other than Presentation High), you may have already taken this course. Presentation does not offer the training. Please check with your Catholic school and get a copy of your certificate to include with your paperwork.  If you do not have the certificate, you will need to be retrained.

To take the course, there are various sessions available on the diocesan page: which is updated regularly each month. Last-minute dates are sometimes added, so check frequently.  Some options are listed here on the bottom. We highly encourage your youth to attend the first possible training according to their schedules to avoid any delays or schedule changes.

Any teen is welcome to attend any of the trainings. There is no pre-registration required. If there is no room listed, it is usually in a community center room or in the body of the church. There are usually signs, but not always.  The training takes about 90 minutes and each teen will be handed a certificate upon completion of the training. We encourage the teens to take a picture with their phones of the certificate so they have a digital copy, as well.  The parents can stay for the training if they choose. However, this is not an adult volunteer training, so the adults will not be given any credit for attendance.

Check this diocesan official page for date options or contact Linda Tully in the Office for the Proction of Children and Vulnerable Adults at or (408) 983-0144.


Tijuana Ministry Youth Chaperone Team