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Responsibilities / Duties


Construction Coordinator

●     Coordinates all aspects of the construction part of the program

●     Prepares lists of materials and tools

●     Procures building materials and tools

●     Arranges transportation of build materials/ tools

●     Arranges pre-build events

●     Appoints construction site leads

●     Ensures construction safety

Bob Malone

Mother's Program Coordinator

●     Coordinates all aspects of the Mother’s Outreach Program

●     Procures required materials

●     Prepares crafts/ activities

●     Maintains budget for Mother’s Program

●     Knowledge of Spanish required

Kathy Fanger

Children's Program Coordinator

●     Coordinates all aspects of the Children’s Outreach Program

●     Procures required materials

●     Prepares crafts/ activities

●     Maintains budget for Children’s Program

●     Knowledge of Spanish preferred

Theresa Clark

Teen Program Coordinator

●     Coordinates all aspects of the Teen Outreach Program

●     Procures required materials

●     Prepares crafts/ activities

●     Maintains budget for Teen Program

●     Knowledge of Spanish required

Michelle Carroll

Youth Coordinator

●     Responsible for all youth travelers for the duration of the trip

●     Makes sure youth understand and comply with all travel, construction safety rules & regulations, bedtimes, appropriate behavior, dress, etc.

●     Facilitates youth reflection conversations.

●     Coordinates pre-trip youth training sessions


Training Coordinator

●     Responsible for coordinating proper safety and tools training for all program travelers prior to departure

●     On-site point-person for tools/safety questions while on the trip

Rick Landahn

Kitchen Coordinator

●     Coordinates meals (breakfast/ lunches prepared by members of cook team. Dinners prepared by Mexican locals but coordinated by us)

●     Procures all kitchen-related and home-site related supplies (pots, pans, containers, water jugs, coolers, cleaning supplies, etc.)

●     Procures all food and beverages

Joan Mibach

First Aid / Security Coordinator

●     Coordinates volunteer First Aiders

●     Stocks first aid kits.

●     Serves as first aid point person while in Tijuana


Site Coordinator

●     responsible for daily cleaning of dome and compound, maintenance & repairs, facilities management


Event Coordinator

●     Coordinates, prepares, arranges Tijuana-based field trips (e.g. Case Migrante, Border Wall, etc.)

●     Plans, prepares Evening Reflections (in Tijuana)

●     Plans pre-trip educational programs (related to issues of poverty, immigration reform, social justice, etc.)

●     Serves as “spiritual director” for group

Stan Taylor

Fundraising Coordinator

●     Schedules & coordinates fundraisers

●     Recruits volunteers to staff fundraisers

●     Ensures fundraisers are adequately staffed

●     Creates and disseminates fundraiser advertising materials

●     Facilities individual fundraising efforts by trip participants

●     Sends “Donation Thank-You” letters


Recruitment and Outreach Coordinator

●     schedules recruitment weekends at parishes

●     coordinates volunteers to staff outreach events

●     contacts prospective volunteers to answer questions

●     liaisons between parishes and diocese

Bob Malone / Monica Rising

Registration Coordinator

●     ensures that all trip participants have met and completed all requirements for travel, including all paperwork, fingerprint and passport requirements

●     keeps and maintains binders of required paperwork

●     ensures trip payments have been made

●     prepares travel binders

●     prepares transportation plan


Publicity Coordinator

●     Maintains website (year-round)

●     Maintains social media presence: Twitter and Facebook (year-round and during trip)

●     Maintains TJ Calendar. Maintains Application Forms

●     Maintains distribution lists. Sends mass communications

●     Prepares brochures

●     Prepares, maintains marketing collateral

Joanna Thurmann


●     Receives receipts and processes reimbursements

●     Collects/oversees all individual travel fees

●     Oversees fundraising donations

●     Works with parish finance council on accounting

●     Sends donation tax letters

Francesca Paist


Tijuana Ministry Core team members Bob Malone, Joan Mibach, Frank Fanger, and Jesse Perez traveled to Tijuana June 22-23 to finalize the build sites and ensure that everything was ready for the July 12-19 mission trip.

See the Presentation about the construction projects (linked here and included below)

See also the Facebook photo album: Tijuana 2014 June Preparation Trip

And the videoTijuana June 2014 Preparation Trip










Other Information:


The dates for the 2014 trip to Tijuana, Mexico are July 12 - 19, 2014.

We're excited that you are considering to join us. Please familiarize yourself with the following links to help you understand better where we go, where we stay and how to apply for the trip.

General Information
Trip Orientation Docs
  • 2014 Tijuana Inquiry Orientation  --> this is a general overview for prospective / inquirers who are interested to find out more and MAYBE go on the trip. Contains our program overview, and high level stuff.
  • 2014 Tijuana Participant Orientation & Welcome  --> this is an orientation for committed participants/travelers -- people who WILL DEFINITELY go on the trip and who need logistics and details.
  • 2014 Tijuana Youth Orientation (Guidelines and Discipline) --> this is an orientation specifically for traveling YOUTH Under 21.
    Tijuana Ministry - Youth Orientation 2014.pdf
Leadership Docs